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Blackberry - Wise words - Wisdom is a level that is beyond the intellect, which is usually a wise person is able to see the problem from a different angle to most people, so they are often asked for advice by people who were entwined problems. That is why the wise words very attractive, because it is derived from wise leaders of the world and can alleviate the problem. lately, looking for words of wisdom more easily with a growing use of the internet. Because the Internet provides thousands and even hundreds of thousands of words of wisdom that come from various sources.

To participate enliven the phenomenon, below we present some of the latest wise words from terspesial sources, specifically only for the middle dirudung your grief. Here's his review:.

Harga Blackberry When someone tried to stay away from your life, let it. Departure he just opens the door for someone better tuk entry.
Sometimes the problem is your best friend. They are so much more powerful for you, and for you to put God on your side closest.
Do not convince yourself that he likes you, just because he's being nice to you. Sometimes you're just an option when he's bored.
Never underestimate yourself. If you are unhappy with your life, fix what was wrong, and keep stepping.
Do not hate those who say bad things tuk knock, as they are for you is getting stronger every day.
Sometimes, you think someone has changed without you realizing it happened because he started acting up.
Something fun of how someone is able to make you smile, just by thinking of her. Happy
Just be yourself so that when one is in love, you have nothing to fear if he is going to find that you're not the one who wanted him to love.
The most dangerous feeling is envy, because envy and hatred spawned hatred will kill you slowly.
No matter what kind of life, you always have a choice to see the good side or the bad side.
Just because someone looks strong in front of you, does not mean he can be so powerful when without you.
Do not always say "there's still time" or "later". Do it right away, use your time wisely.
Life is too short if only regret. You only live once, but if used properly, once is enough!
Life is not just looking for the best, but rather to accept the fact that you are you. Just be yourself.
A wise person is that he knows who to trust. People who are more wise is he who can always be trusted.
Realize, complained not solve anything. Complaining will only add to the burden of hearts. Quit complaining, act immediately!
Do not make yesterday's failure as a barrier today. Spirit to create a better tomorrow, through today.
The act is a reflection of the heart's content. If the heart is filled with kindness, then the attitudes and actions would be good, also vice versa.
Lazy people have to waste the opportunity God, since God never created anything in vain.
Do not judge people from his past because we all do not already live there. Everyone can change, let them prove it.
Make versatility as a happiness together, so as to increase the sense of sincere tuk grateful for success.
Sometimes you have to make a decision tuk caving, or you will lose him that you love just because you're stubborn.
In love, when there is a different, look who's wrong, because you and he are the same team with the same goal.
People who can control his emotions are real life winner.
If asked, do not dictate the answer, so that new information can visit.
Actually, the challenge is not to manage time but to manage ourselves.
You know what sharusnya not do when you "fail". So you create new knowledge and it is not a failure.
It is easier to do something right than to explain why you do not do it right.
Often you are free to say what is in your heart because you are not sure he will listen to you.
The important thing is not what we know but what we are willing to learn.
Do not attack people because of envy; envy that relationship continues to blossom and fortune in this life.
Men, if a woman is upset, ask him to go shopping or to the salon. Undoubtedly anger vanished.
Despite being hurt so many times, wise woman still could forgive and increasingly tough as a rock.
Good food that is offered to the man who is angry, his anger would memedam.
Crying may not be the solution but sometimes can be a sedative.
The wise woman like a swan on the water. Graceful but still works. Remain strong despite the hurt.
Do not worry about the failure of yesterday, today has been another success achieved during spirit definitely still stings.
Let us membaikkan themselves, before any regret is useless.
O the Most Gentle, pamper yourself my heart is, I'm in a wedding bahagiakanlah loving, intimate, faithful.
O Almighty Love, sandingkanlah me with thy soul choice, which for my own good - baikkanlah it, but if he's better - I baikkanlah.
Poverty is not degrading, but heart menistai own good.
Harga HP Blackberry Terbaru
There is no definite source from which the wise words above come from, or who ever proclaimed such wise words, our clear sense of the words of Wisdom above is very well suited to provide motivation to all of you. Hopefully useful and hopefully you can imitate the meaning of the word wisdom Page 2 Harga Blackberry